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EZ team's response was very prompt. They arrived at my apartment on time. They were very professional and even conducted a training for my home helper! I'd recommend EZ to anyone who's looking for a clothesline system!

I've used EZ hi-dry since 2009, it very convenient, neat and well organize to hang my cloth, I love it and can't without it. Angeline is a friendly and efficient sales representative.


Cindy Yap

05 Apr 2019

I've had a retractable clothesline system installed in 1998 when I first shifted to my new house and I'm still using it until today! Of course, there's minor things that needed to be changed, which I've only chaged the spring once 10 years ago but the whole thing was still in good shape and after service was good & excellent too. Thank God I made the right choice of choosing the right item of EZ Living.


Dixie Tay

24 Mar 2019

My mom bought the EZ Hi-Dry 10 years ago and it has simplified my life from the hanging bamboo days. The rack's hydraulics has finally gave way and decided to fix it. Called the office and the staff were friendly and effective. Great innovative product and will definitely recommend to other to consider. Can't wait for you guys to fix up my Hi-Dry system because in the meantime, i am putting off doing laundry for as long as i can. Cheers guys!


Julius Lim

13 Jan 2019

Prompt and efficient service with good auto system. We fixed the S5!


Sooria Kala

22 Nov 2018

Angeline has been a great help for introducing the product to me. It's a great buy! Great service from her too.


Aini San

18 Jul 2018

Angeline and team has been accommodating to our request and guided us thoroughly through all the equipment with us. Bought the RuckZuck from them and will post pictures upon installation. Great job guys


Dan Poh

06 Jul 2018

I am a loyal customer of EZ Living. I have been using their products for years. Each time I moved house, I will install their latest product in my home. The product is very safe, easy to use, and we are now moving into our third home and we are installing their product. Keep up the good work !


Mr Danny and Ms Alice

22 Jun 2018

Dear Ms Angeline, Thanks for your service rendered and I strongly believed in sending an appreciation letter to the party concerned when they’re providing an excellent service in today’s fast moving society. I applaud EZ Living having a team of dedicated staff especially Jeff for recommending EZ Hi-Dry and the installer (slipped of his name) for providing their proficiency to all my queries and have enlightened me on EZ Living products. Will definitely go for EZ Living products for my future needs, and will not hesitate to recommend EZ Living to my associates when asked. Thank you!


Damien Chew

12 Jun 2018

I first bought and used EZ Living product 9 years ago when I was pregnant. Back then, being pregnant, it is very hard for me to put out and bring in the laundry. EZ living product makes it very safe for me to use. Not only does it save space for me, it also allow my parent who are quite elderly to be able to use it safely to hang and take down laundry. Thank you EZ Living for being such a blessing to us.


Ms Juan

17 May 2018

Excellent service provided by the support staff! Just installed the hi-dry system and we are very happy with the convenience and the flexibility in how we can use it.


Jeremy Ang

01 Apr 2018

We first installed EZ Bella in 2011 and it is still running strong without any problems. So hard to find products these days that are durable. We trust the product so much that we're installing another one in our new home!


Desmond Goh

30 Jan 2018

Very good. Boss are very helpful


Linda Yong

27 Aug 2017

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