Style D smart drying rack


Smart Laundry Rack Models for Landed

EZ Style D Smart Drying Rack

  • $1,208.00

Product Description

     *Cut & Patch of False Ceiling work and or Wall Brackets will be used if ceiling is plasterboard or if floor-to-ceiling height is more than 2.5m


  • Saves up to 80% Electricity
  • High flow rate blower fans
  • Solar function
  • UV Sterilizer kill germ & mite
  • Built-in 2 hour timer (Heater & Fan)
  • Built-in smart sensors to detect objects obstructing its movement, the poles will automatically stop
  • Overheat protection
  • Completely safe to use for elderly and children. 

Ez Protect


Ez Style D Smart Drying Rack is an easy-to-operate automated system that can be controlled by a handheld remote controller. The system’s integrated blower fans and heaters help laundry dry faster indoors and UV to sterilize your clothing. Detachable and extendable rust-free Aviation grade aluminium poles also makes it convenient for large laundry articles such as duvet, curtain, bedsheets to be hung. 


Main features:


  • LED Lighting
  • UV Sterilizer kill germ & mite
  • Strong air drying
  • 2 hour timer auto off
  • Intelligent lifting
  • Aviation grade aluminium
  • Flame retardant
  • Silent motor
  • 35kg Load capacity
  • 7 x 7 thick stainless steel wire rope
  • Telescopic pole from 1350 to 2350mm
  • Remote control 

Country: German Technology, Assembly in China

Length of poles: 135cm extendable to 235cm

Width of poles: 56cm

Vertical Displacement: 135cm

Poles: 4 + 9 Rods

Thickness when in up mode: 25cm

Material: Aviation Grade Aluminium + ABS

Load capacity: 35kg

Built-in: 24w Energy efficient LED panel light 

              2 x 300w Heaters

              2 x 20w High flow rate blower fans

              1 x 10w UV Disinfection lamps

              2 hour timer for Heater & Fan

              30 min timer for UV lamp

Lifting Motor: 20dB low noise DC50w With overheat protection.

Motor test: >100,000 cycles

Control: Radio Frequency Remote (1 x CR2430)

Weight: 13.5kg

Product Warranty: 2 years

Motor Warranty: 5 years