EZ Hi-Dry (Indoor-Outdoor)


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EZ Hi-Dry (Indoor-Outdoor)

  • $959.00

Product Description

Flexible pull and slide indoor-outdoor clothes system

Site assessment is required

*Cut & Patch of False Ceiling work and or Wall Brackets will be used if ceiling is plasterboard or if floor-to-ceiling height is more than 2.5m

  • Flexible use
  • Can be used as an indoor system or pushed out to sun laundry
  • Australian-Made

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The EZ Hi-Dry is a space-saving unit designed to allow drying clothes to be moved indoors or outdoors according to the weather, with no need to take the clothes off the pole assembly. Specifically designed for apartment buildings and high rise buildings where laundry space is limited, this innovatively designed unit allows fresh-air drying where the only practical access to outdoor drying is via the window

EZ Hi-Dry is smooth-running and easy to use. Simply pull it down to hang laundry, and it can be moved outdoors or back indoors in one easy and quick motion. It takes a minimum of effort to pull down, and returns easily to the ceiling for neat storage.

EZ Hi-Dry can be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling, or mounted on a swivel base (Optional) to allow the unit to rotate 360 degrees around its wall or ceiling base, providing multi-sided access to the unit.

Country: Australia

Size: 1.8m (L) x 0.5m (W)

Vertical Displacement: 0.7m

Thickness when in up-mode: 0.17m

Poles: 6

Material: Nylon Fiberglass, Non-rusting Galvabond Tubing with white powder coating.

Load capacity: Up to 20kg

Gross weight: 15kg

Product Warranty: 2 years