EZ Clothespin



EZ Clothespin (GP)

  • $109.00

Product Description


  • No need to clip, just slide in laundry
  • Easy and fast, especially when hanging clothes, socks, underwear, towels, baby clothes
  • Time saving and space saving
  • Made of high quality poly-carbonate (Engineering Plastic) which is very flexible and can withstand UV light (note: this material is used in sun roofs, suitcases, and airplane windows)
  • 2 Sets total 22pins,
  • Each pin can hold 35.3 oz (1kg)
  • Suitable for drying rod with diameter of 0.98in (24.9mm), 0.94in (23.9mm), 0.75in (19.05mm)or less
  • Size : 18.5in/ 469.9mm (L) x 4.7in/119.38mm (H)




EZ Clothespin is unlike any regular clothespin. It is especially effective in restrictive spaces. More clothes can be hung, much easier and faster. There is no need to clip. Just slide your laundry in. When dry, just pull the laundry downwards. And you need not worry about clothespin mark or wrinkles. It’s that simple!


Material: High Quality poly-carbonate

Size: 470mm (L) x 80mm (D) x 10mm (H)

Product Warranty: 1 year