EZ X3 [Spring Loaded Pulley System]


Smart Laundry Rack Models for Condos

EZ X3 [Spring Loaded Pulley System]

  • $419.00

Product Description

Manual clothes hanger with spring-loaded mechanism

Site assessment is required

*Cut & Patch of False Ceiling work and or Wall Brackets will be used if ceiling is plasterboard or if floor-to-ceiling height is more than 2.5m

  • Indoor use
  • Easy to operate without using much effort
  • Pulley makes raising up a heavy load effortless
  • Stainless bar and poly-carbonate support
  • Ball-chain can be easily fixed on the desired location
  • When not in use, drying rack is locked in securely
  • When drying rack is pulled down, the spring mechanism gently lowers the rack safely

Ez Protect


EZ X3 consists of 4 poles and is activated by a worm wheel spring loaded pulley system. The spring mechanism helps to lock the rack securely when not in use. The worm wheel pulley makes pulling up a heavy load effortless. The drying rack position can be adjusted by pulling up and down the ball-chain.

Country: Korea

Size: 1.85m (L) x 0.48m (W)

Vertical displacement: 1.1m

Thickness when in up mode: 0.23m

Poles: 4

Material: Galvanize steel arms with white powder coated and Polycarbonate poles holders &

Stainless Steel Poles 304

Load capacity: Up to 7.5kg

Gross weight: 7kg

Product Warranty: 1 year